Free and Confidential Pregnancy Services

Material Support

Are you pregnant and looking for extra support when it comes to supporting your baby? You are not alone!

Our compassionate team at La Luz Women’s Center is here to come alongside you in your pregnancy journey and offer you free and confidential pregnancy material support and more.

Our Boutique

When you attend our one-on-one classes to benefit expecting mothers and new families, you can participate in our Earn While You Learn (EWYL) program. We also offer BrightCourse online so you can even participate from the comfort of your own home right on your cell phone.

For each class you attend, you receive “Baby Bucks” (points) that you can “spend” in our boutique. Contact us to learn about our program today!

Emergency Diapers

We’re stocked…and you can also use Boutique Credit earned in EWYL or BrightCourse classes to acquire more diapers.

Support Groups

Our volunteers can help provide education, guidance, and mentoring to help better inform you about your pregnancy, parenting, and personal journey. You can also join two important support groups:


Lastly, we offer various community referrals so you can confidently continue your pregnancy. If you think parenting might be right for you but still have concerns about money, baby supplies, insurance, or parenting skills, Origins can help.

Please call us or schedule your no-cost consultation today. We have a network of informational resources and will be happy to connect you.

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